How to wear your Beautiful Reusable Gel Nails Set?

Step 1

Cut The Natural Nails & Remove Old Nail Polish If Any. This is the first and most important step

Step 2

Gently Push Cuticles With The Help Of A Cuticle Pusher, (Beautiful Glitterly Magic Stick which is included in the box)

Step 3

Measure Your 10 Finger’s Nail Sizes From 24 Gel Nail Tips. Keep The Selected 10 Nails Tips Aside For Easy Application

Step 4

File & Buff Natural Nails With Our Special 7-In-1 Buffer & Remove Shine From Natural Nails without doing it too much that it damages the nail.

Step 5

With The Help Of Alcohol Swabs Remove Dust From Natural Nails & Clean Underneath Area Of Selected 10 Gel Nails Tips.

Step 6

For Shorter Stay; 1-2 Weeks, Measure Your Nail Size From 30-Jelly Tab, And Apply Them On Natural Nails & Stick The Gel Tips And Hold For 30 seconds Each.

Step 7

For Longer Stay; 2-3 Weeks, Apply Gel Nails Tips With The Strong Liquid Glue, Take Required Glue Drops On Gel Tips As Well As On Natural Nails & Hold For 30 seconds Each.

How to remove the Butterage beauty for reuse?

Step 1

Removal process for Jelly Tabs
Gently Push The Gel Nails Tips With The Help Of A Cuticle Pusher, (Beautiful Glitterly Magic Stick).
Does Not Harm Your Natural Nails In Any Way

Step 2

Give Shine With The Help Of 7-In-1 Buffer To Your Natural Nails.